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Windrestrictor® Brand Wind Deflector for the 986 & 987 Porsche Boxster

Introducing the all new WINDRESTRICTOR® Brand convertible wind blocker for the Porsche Boxster 986, 987 and 987.5.


It’s a quality wind blocking system that you can be proud to display on your fine convertible Boxster!


You know, we get calls everyday from people around the world and a very common response we get is something along the lines of “I’ve never seen anything like this”. Well, this does not surprise us since we are the inventors of the laser engraved, illuminated wind blocking device. Nevertheless, we are overwhelmed with gratitude every time we hear it because we know that our designs are well engineered and totally innovative. This long awaited product is no exception at all. So, without further ado, introducing the new Windrestrictor® Brand wind blocker for the Porsche Boxster. This high-quality wind blocking device is finally available on our website. Be sure to use code “WRblog” when you check out to receive a special discount! You can check out the pricing and find more information on our wind deflector made for the 986 Porsche Boxster here, and here for the wind deflector made for the 987 model Porsche Boxster.


Several months of research and gathering feedback from Porsche Boxster owners, we decided it was time for a brand-new, innovative design that would be worthy of the Windrestrictor® brand-name. Ambient lighting and real laser engraved images will definitely be options with this new wind blocker accessory.This new convertible wind blocking design will come with its own unique steel bracket system. That’s right, we now offer a fully functionable wind deflection unit with a steel bracket system specifically designed for the Porsche Boxster. Here are some of the product features and benefits.

*Incredibly strong 3/8 of an inch Acrylite glass (3x more thick than the OEM windscreen)

*Independent steel bracket system with elegant powdercoating

*Easy installation with no permanent modification to the vehicle necessary

*Clear and smoked tinted glass available

*Ambient lighting system available with clear units

*Blocks over 50% of wind turbulence at highway speeds with the top down

*Easier to carry on conversations with the top down

*Better clarity from sound system without the wind buffeting

*Lifetime warranty

We offer only real laser engraved graphics so that the images will never fade, turn colors or peel off like stickers. If you share the same passion we do, you want the absolute best for your fine convertible and that means real WINDRESTRICTOR® quality. Our wind deflectors are all designed using a professional engineer, P.E. and the design standards that we have aquired over the years have placed us as leaders in the wind blocking industry. Our brand name WINDRESTRICTOR® has been associated with nothing less than the best with tasteful convertible owners around the world. You can check out real windscreen reviews of our product here.
There are many other windblockers, AKA windscreens, windstop, wind blocker, wind deflector, windscreen, wind supressor, windschotts that are offered for sale by folks that sell parts and accessories but there is only one that is branded WINDRESTRICTOR®.We hope that you take the time to read through our extensive windscreen reviews that are available on our website under the section “testimonials.” If you have a windscreen review for us please submit it to us here: Sales@windrestrictor.com. We love to hear about your WIND RESTRICTOR® stories and enjoy displaying your photos on our galleries also.

Please contact us through email or simply give us a call if we can help you out with anything at all.






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