Choosing a light color for your convertible wind deflector, a luxury of the WindRestrictor® Brand. 

Why should I go with the illuminated wind deflector? 

  • Choose between 8 single colors or the “ELK” color changing unit
  • Add personalization to your roadster or convertible
  • Wire into your brake lights for a rare third brake light effect
  • Easily control brightness with a remote 
  • Very cost efficient mod compared to other styling/performance products such as body kits, exhaust systems, interior work etc. 
  • Unique patented technology that turns heads and sets your car apart from the rest
  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback and windscreen reviews from our customers

If you are reading this blog post I’ll bet you’re considering one of our ambient lit wind deflectors for your fine convertible. If this is the case you are in good company. On average about 80% of our customers choose  the illuminated version over the basic non-illuminated versions we have available. It’s not a big mystery as to why. Our lighted wind control systems not only block a significant amount of wind turbulence inside the cabin at highway speeds but they are a fantastic styling product as well. Our one-of-a-kind edge lit glow technology that we have incorporated with the high-quality photo realistic laser engraved images provide a truly personalized work of art for your vehicle. The custom designed lighting systems along with our proprietary glass edge treatment are the perfect combination for a unique lighted auto accessory. The glow of our products is very subtle and not overpowering like neon lights or other high candle -powered lighting accessories on the market. You will notice a soft elegant glow, an almost fiber-optic effect with our innovative products. This glow will be present inside the graphics of your choice as well as inside the perimeter of the glass. The rest of the surface will not be illuminated and will be totally transparent allowing for full rearward vision. If you are not convinced yet that the lighted version is the way to go please take a look at this demo video. 

This video shows the Extreme Lighting Kit (ELK), it’s an add-on accessory but it’s a good example because you will see all of the colors that are available displayed on the vehicle. This may be the best choice for those of you that simply can not make up your minds on illumination color! If you want to know more about this color changing accessory check out our wind deflector accessories information post here.  If you are not convinced the illuminated version is for you we know you will be just as happy with our clear or etched version. Our designs are all perfectly transparent and crystal clear for optimal viewing conditions unlike others on the market that may be constructed from black mesh types of materials or plastic leaving the rear view hindered especially at night.

What color do we recommend? 

This really all depends. Several factors come into play when trying to determine the best color for each project. A large majority of our potential customers will want to get the same color as the paint on their vehicle. This is not a bad idea at all so if you would like to do this we encourage you to do so. How about the gray, white or black vehicles though? We think any of our color selections will look beautiful on these neutral color vehicles. Here’s something to consider when making your decision. Our lighting systems produce the best glow effect in the evening hours when there is no direct sunlight. As the sun is setting in the evening you will begin to see a faint, elegant glow to the product and this effect will become more brilliant into the night. The illumination of our product is also astonishing in shaded areas such as a parking garages or at indoor car exhibits, even with the lights on in the building. Because the lighting is best seen at night the paint of your vehicle will be seen less during the time when the deflector is glowing. Because of this it’s really not imperative that the light match the color of your car although we know it looks awesome when it does! Below are a few photos of red illumination systems glowing at night, seen from the rear of the vehicle. This happens to be my favorite color of illumination and no it’s not only because I own a Red Corvette! I just love the way the lighting perfectly matches with the tail and brake lights!


KPI Red Vette Norpark Mall 186

Mustang Lighted Deflector Wind Blocker Red

In my opinion those of you considering the brake lamp power source or the glow module with the built in brake and ghosting function should get the red illumination system to match. My second choices of color with brake function are orange and amber. You may just love the blue or green though so get whatever color you want to show off with!

Here’s a demo video of the Glow Module and Extreme Lighting Kit combined.

What are the brightest and dimmest colors we have available?

Now when I talk about brightness levels I need to first say that none of our lighting systems are anywhere near the level of brightness that you will see with Xenon Light accessories on the market. Our lighting systems are much more dim and elegant, ambient and very classy. Having said that, white is hands down the brightest of all the ambient lighting colors we offer. White is created by putting a few different  colors together and therefore requires a slightly elevated amount of power to run this color. Red is the second brightest and is considered to be the internationally recognized attention color. I love having the extra red lighting on my Corvette at night while I’m driving next to the big trucks on the freeway. Most of our convertibles are so low to the ground and really could use a bit of an extra glow to help folks know we are in that next lane. Orange, Yellow/Amber, Blue and Green come next and these are very beautiful colors indeed. I have to say blue is my second favorite color, it’s just so brilliant and vivid! Pink and Purple are the dimmest of the colors we offer. Particularly purple so if you are ordering this just keep in mind that it will be a very subtle color.

I hope this information has helped you out a little in making your decision about the lighted wind deflector. Please leave your comments below, rate this post and if you have anything at all you would like to contribute please do as I would love to know what your thoughts are on the information provided.

Happy top down driving!

WR Crew

Stop by the Wind Restrictor® Site here for more information  

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Wind Restrictor® Options and Accessories 

Lighting Accessories for a World Class Product

Over the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of working with many thousands of our customers either in person, over the phone or through the exchange of emails. I would guess that over 75% of these now valued customers asked me to elaborate on the options and accessories we have available for our premium Windrestrictor® Brand convertible wind deflectors.

Our wind control systems, even the basic crystal  clear, non-lighted versions are highly functional and provide a huge benefit to convertible owners. Here are some of the main features and benefits of our definitive brand wind blocking devices.

  • Reduce wind buffeting and turbulence that creates driver fatigue at highway speeds
  • Enjoy better clarity of sound from your stereo system and carry on conversations better in the cabin while your top is down
  • Unparalleled quality and craftsmanship
  • State of the art designs by professional engineers
  • See clearly out your rear-view mirror through our transparent surfaces unlike other black nets or cloudy plastic models available on the market

These are all wonderful benefits our products offer  but what our company is really known for is being the first in the world to develop a truly personalized wind deflection system for fine roadsters and convertibles around the world. Windrestrictor® is a registered trademark of King Penn Industries Inc., located in Dallas Texas.

We offer licensed trademark graphics as well as personalized designs created by a graphic artist with our wind blockers. These images are engraved into the surface of the products utilizing the finest  Photo-Realistic laser engraving technology available today. We also offer custom designed Ambient LED systems in multiple colors that produce a rare fiber-optic lighting effect to the edge of the glass and the graphics.

Each standard lighted wind deflector order will come with everything needed to install the product using the brake light power or running light power wire in the vehicle. There are no accessories at all needed for this basic installation although I suggest reading up on some of our bells and whistles!

Color Changing Optional Accessory

The “Extreme Lighting Kit” or ELK for short allows you to choose between a variety of static colors at any given time. You can select red on the remote control one day and green or blue the next day depending on your mood. There are eight colors in total to choose from along with some fancy fading and blinking features. There is also a built-in intensity control so if you order the ELK there is no need to order the dimmer control or on/off switch.  This is a great accessory for those of you that enjoy attracting a lot of attention to your exquisite convertibles or for those that frequent car shows. We recommend installing this accessory on a constant “always on” 12V wire in your vehicle if you’ll be utilizing this accessory while your vehicle is off, for example at an evening car show. The normal suggested installation is to the running light power wire or simply by utilizing the 12 V plug option if you prefer not to hard-wire to the vehicle. We send a diagram and printed instructions along with all of our accessories and we are  available for assistance if you run into anything at all. Here’s a demo video of this accessory installed on a Crossfire Roadster!

Demo Video of ELK and wind deflector in action! 

Glow Module with Patented Ghosting Technology (Formerly BLM Brake Lamp Module)

The Glow Module is our newest release and it was an upgraded re-design of our classic Brake Lamp Module. Like the BLM it gets power from the brake system and the running lights simultaneously and you are able to adjust the power levels independently. This technology allows the wind deflector to act as a third brake light. Most owners choose to have the product set at a mid-level glow while driving and then have the product kick up to full intensity along with the brake lights when the brake pedal is pressed. The new design incorporates a few additional features including the ghost feature, patented, allowing for a unique breathing effect of the wind deflector after the pedal is released. Unlike the ELK the Glow Module must be hardwired directly to the brake system as well as the running lights. This process is fairly simple and again we provide step-by-step instructions for each accessory. Finally, The accessory comes with a built in 9 V battery pack that is also very useful for car shows. Here’s a video highlighting some of the features of this newly designed accessory.

Glow Module Demo

Dimmer Control Switch

For those that choose the lighted wind deflector but do not pick up the ELK or the glow module you may want to consider the dimmer control switch. You will not need this accessory if you do choose one of the first two because they both have a built-in dimmer. This add-on comes with a remote control that will enable you to adjust the lighting intensity as well as turn the unit on and off. This remote is small, black and comes with a key-chain connector. It is smaller than the average key fob. I usually recommend this accessory as a bare minimum and it happens to be one of my personal favorites. It’s simple, it’s cost efficient and for those of you that don’t particularly care for hard-wiring to your vehicle you can even use this along with the 12V Adapter Plug. The reason I say bare minimum is because If you are driving down a back road or a street without a lot of street lamps present you may want the ability to turn the product off. It’s so convenient to be able to pick up the remote and turn the product off at any given time while you’re driving.

On/Off Push Button Switch
This basic accessory is pretty self-explanatory. The Button switch will be installed on the power wire and then normally hooked to the running light wire or a 12V constant. Once the power is hooked up you will be able to simply press the button to turn the product on and off. You will either need to drill a hole to mount it somewhere in the vehicle or like with the Saturn Sky and Pontiac Solstice there may already be a hole  present in one of your panels that you can mount it in.

12V Adapter Plug

Pick up this accessory if you do not want to do any hard wiring in your vehicle. By “hard wiring” we mean making a connection directly to a harness inside your vehicle usually located behind a carpet panel. We provide small red vampire clamps with every lighted order that allow you to tap into the power wire without splicing or cutting. Tapping into a 12 V wire inside your vehicle will not void any warranties or do any type of damage at all to your vehicle. In fact it’s fairly simple and we provide detailed instructions on how to do it along with photos in every order. Some of you will still prefer this accessory because it allows you to get power by simply plugging the adapter into your dash, console or anywhere else there is a 12V socket in your vehicle. This product will give you easy power for the ELK or the dimmer control switch as well. It cannot be used with the Glow Module.

All of the Bells and Whistles

A great number of our customers choose to get all of the bells and whistles that we offer. This obviously will give you the best product experience that we have to offer and we love working on these orders that are truly personalized. However, we do want to let you know that if you do want the best we have to offer then you will only need the ELK and the Glow Module. These two accessories have everything that you will need built in. There is no need for the dimmer, the 12V plug or the on/off switch if you get these first two premium add-ons.

I hope that these details will help you make a decision about which options you would like along with your product. If you have any questions please feel free to email me personally here Stephen@windrestrictor.com  or give me a call at the office 972-487-5987 X4. Or, if you would like you can visit us at our new facility in Dallas. 11885 Forestgate Dr. Dallas, TX. 75243

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Brand new, innovative wind blocker/deflector for Mustang is now available!

The brand new, innovative wind blocker/deflector for Mustang is now available! The Windrestrictor® brand wind deflector has been supremely popular for the 2011-2014 Mustang, and we are ecstatic to announce our new specially designed windscreen for the 2005-2009 Mustang has been released! Contact kristi@windrestrictor.com for more information, or order your new Mustang wind deflector here and use our promotional discount code “kristipromo” to receive 15% off your product!

Mustang WindRestrictor®

Product Features and Benefits

Could you imagine driving down the highway at top speeds, without your hair whipping you in the face, or being able to actually carry on a conversation with your passenger? It may sound too good to be true, but this is more than possible to accomplish with our new product! This new, tailor-fitted Mustang accessory has a wind turbulence reduction of over 75%- That’s almost no wind! This is more reduction than any of our other windscreens, thus far! With a special steel bracket mounting system, absolutely no drilling or modifications to your car will be necessary- this is a quick, thirty minute, do-it-yourself installation. Also, our product still allows for rear passenger seating, unlike other Mustang parts similar to ours.

Mustang WindRestrictor®

It’s not just effective- it’s original!

The mechanics and functionality of the new Mustang windscreen are not the only benefits, though. These are not only available for the Mustang convertible, but for the Mustang coupe as well! We offer several laser engraved graphics, such as the galloping horse emblem and the tiffany cobra, along with a variety of LED illumination options. Our product works very well as a personalization piece, and looks really awesome too! We offer a lifetime warranty- you never have to worry about your graphics fading or peeling, because they are laser etched, unlike similar products sold by other people. You can take pride in your Windrestrictor® brand windscreen, also known as a windstop, wind suppressor, or windschott, because we take pride in our customers- always ensuring they are satisfied with their experience with Windrestrictor®. You could be one of the first to have one of these stunning pieces headed your way, and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have for us!

Mustang WindRestrictor®Shelby Emblem

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Porsche Boxster 986 Personalized Convertible Wind Deflector


You know, we get calls everyday from people around the world and a very common response we get is something along the lines of “I’ve never seen anything like this”. Well, this does not surprise us since we are the inventors of the laser engraved, illuminated wind blocking device. Nevertheless, we are overwhelmed with gratitude every time we hear it because we know that our designs are well engineered and totally innovative. This long awaited product is no exception at all. So, without further ado, introducing the new Windrestrictor® Brand wind blocker for the Porsche Boxster. This high-quality wind blocking device is finally available on our website for the Porsche Boxster Convertible.

Fully personalized wind deflector for your Boxster.

Fully personalized wind deflector for your Boxster.

You can check out the pricing and find more information on our website here.
After several months of research and gathering feedback from Porsche Boxster owners, we decided it was time for a brand-new, innovative design that would be worthy of the Windrestrictor® brand-name. Ambient lighting and real laser engraved images will definitely be options with this new wind blocker accessory.
This new convertible wind blocking design will come with its own unique steel bracket system. That’s right, we now offer a fully functionable wind deflection unit with a steel bracket system specifically designed for the Porsche Boxster. Here are some of the product features and benefits.

  • Incredibly strong 3/8 of an inch Acrylite glass (3x more thick than the OEM windscreen)
  • Independent steel bracket system with elegant powdercoating
  • Easy installation with no permanent modification to the vehicle necessary
  • Clear and smoked tinted glass available
  • Ambient lighting system available with clear units
  • Blocks over 50% of wind turbulence at highway speeds with the top down
  • Easier to carry on conversations with the top down
  • Better clarity from sound system without the wind buffeting
  • Lifetime warranty

Blue lighted wind deflector for the porsche boxster

We offer only real laser engraved graphics so that the images will never fade, turn colors or peel off like stickers. If you share the same passion we do, you want the absolute best for your fine convertible and that means real WINDRESTRICTOR® quality. Our wind deflectors are all designed using a professional engineer, P.E. and the design standards that we have aquired over the years have placed us as leaders in the wind blocking industry. Our brand name WINDRESTRICTOR® has been associated with nothing less than the best with tasteful convertible owners around the world. You can check out real windscreen reviews of our product here.
There are many other windblockers, AKA windscreens, windstop, wind blocker, wind deflector, windscreen, wind supressor, windschotts that are offered for sale by folks that sell parts and accessories but there is only one that is branded WINDRESTRICTOR®.
We hope that you take the time to read through our extensive windscreen reviews that are available on our website under the section “testimonials.” If you have a windscreen review for us please submit it to us here: Sales@windrestrictor.com. We love to hear about your WIND RESTRICTOR® stories and enjoy displaying your photos on our galleries also. You can check out the Boxster Gallery here.
Please contact us through email or simply give us a call if we can help you out with anything at all.

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Ford Mustang Wind Deflector- Innovative new product!

For immediate release
March 1st 2014

Contact : Stephen Pennington
Phone: 972-487-5987
Email: Stephen@windrestrictor.com
URL: http://www.kingpennindustries.com/windr




Released March 2014, KPI is pleased to announce that the Mustang WindRestrictor® is now officially licensed by Ford. This innovative, patent pending product will fill a long awaited need in the Mustang Community.


From the industry leader in convertible automobile wind blocking devices, King Penn Industries, comes the long awaited WindRestrictor® for Ford Mustangs!  WindRestrictors® are available for European and American sports and luxury sports cars and are made with the best of materials and craftsmanship that will enhance the pleasure of putting the top down on your Mustang. King Penn Industries’ products have been featured on many fine roadsters and show cars around the world, including some that were featured in the 2009 box office hit “Fast & Furious”.  A WindRestrictor® on a sports roadster was featured in NBC’s remake of  “Knight Rider” and another on the Speed TV show “Bull Run”.   In addition to these recent productions, King Penn’s products have also been seen on cars at the 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 S.E.M.A. shows in Las Vegas Nevada. KPI has distributors globally and is honored to have their products displayed at such reputable venues as the National Corvette Museum, an attraction visited by Corvette owner’s world wide. If you would like to become an authorized distributor please submit your information using this form. http://www.kingpennindustries.com/dealer.aspx

Manufactured from incredibly transparent materials the WindRestrictor® is much easier to see through than other versions on the market. The new Mustang WindRestrictor® is be made of 3/8ths of an inch (9.53mm) Acrylite glass combined with a proprietary edge treatment for producing a dramatic, almost “fiber-optic” but classy illumination effect to the products edge and laser engraved graphics.  King Penn Industries uses only top shelf, green technology in the casting process for our wind blocking systems. They are so confident in their product’s durability that they offer a full LIFETIME warranty unlike any other wind deflector company.

Owners of other brands of wind blockers have complained that rearward vision is difficult or nearly impossible. The King Penn Industries WindRestrictor® is totally transparent so seeing out of the back of your vehicle is about as easy as looking through your front window. All of this AND it does what it says it does; restricts the wind’s effect.  Backdraft be gone!  You will also be able to truly have conversations in your vehicle after you drop the top without having to shout at the top of your lungs with the added benefit of being able to enjoy better clarity from your sound system.  Installation can be done by professionals or fully DIY with the help of our included instructions and kit.


While technical aspects are something that KPI is proud of, let’s not forget about the head-turning look of the WindRestrictor®. The etched and lighted WindRestrictor® is laser engraved to perfection so that the graphics will never fade, turn colors or peel off over time as stickers may.  KPI offers standard or personalized options for their wind deflectors. The limits are your own imagination! The personalization is perhaps the best feature of the custom WindRestrictor®. With the brand new Mustang WindRestrictor® you will be able to choose from Ford Licensed Mustang graphics or you can work with one of KPI’s top graphic designers to develop your own custom artwork!  Either way your Mustang will be set apart from the rest and get major attention.

Also setting the WindRestrictor® apart is its mounting system. There are many wind blockers for the Mustang Convertible that utilizes subpar bracket systems.  Most are either bulky plastic frames that block off the rear passenger seating area or cheap Velcro straps that are less than appealing to the eye as well as allowing for excessive vibrations at highway speeds.  Not so with King Penn Industries’ patent pending design.  We know that the Mustang, the Mustang GT, the SVT, the Cobra and the Shelby GT500 Mustangs are anything but slow. Keeping in mind the top speeds of some of these convertibles King Penn Industries spent a lot of time developing a very rigid but very sleek bracket system. The new system will allow for maximum wind turbulence reduction while at the same time allowing rear passengers to be included in the top down driving experience.  The model specific containment bracket is constructed from high quality stainless steel and is powder coated to perfection. Every last detail was considered while developing the windscreen so that it would be the absolute best quality available and hold up to the high standard that Ford sets with the Mustang.


King Penn is aware of the storied history of Ford’s Mustang, and the enjoyment driving a convertible on a cloudless day can give. Let King Penn Industries WindRestrictor® be a part of your Mustang top down driving experience.

Located in Dallas, Texas King Penn Industries sells its products at their facility, through their Web site at http://www.kingpennindustries.com/windr and their more than 25 major online authorized retailers distributing their products world wide.


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BMW Z4 NEW Lighted Windscreen Windblocker

Here’s a brand new windscreen for the Second Generation Z4 E89 Roadster. Please share!


2013 Corvette Convertible Windrestrictor® 60th Anniversary 427 Graphics Unveiled!

Corvette 2013 60th

We were able to be present for a special unveiling of the 60th Anniversary Corvette at the National Corvette Museum earlier this year and ever since then we have been waiting for these beauties to hit the streets. GM gave the 2013 models a complete interior makeover and did a fantastic job. We at King Penn Industries are proud to present the 2013 Anniversary Edition graphics line for our innovative Windrestrictor® products. This wind deflector is the perfect complementary product for the new upgraded interior. Can you imagine the sight of red ambient litgraphics glowing on the glass of the Wind Restrictor perfectly accenting the red stitching spilled throughout the car?  It truly is a product that must be seen in order to take in all of the beauty and elegance. Unlike other windscreen products on the market the Wind Restrictor can be left in place with the top up or down and allows for full top movement which is very convenient for owners. Also, the product looks amazing with the top up or down!

 The bracket system is one of the most attractive features of our windscreen. We vowed to ourselves that we would never use any cheap velcro straps to mount our products. Plain and simple, velcro straps do not belong on a car like the Corvette. Our innovative technology and ability to do what others can not is what places us as leaders in the industry. Thousands of satisfied customers will abundantly confirm this. We have developed a high quality stainless steel bracket system that makes this product perhaps the most solid and rigid wind deflector on the market. We’ve gone with a high quality black powder coating as  the facial treatment on our bracket system. The product is securely mounted into  our own specially designed steel anchors that are inserted into slots on the frame of your car. The center “light bar-stability bracket” is constructed from black acrylic and has the CORVETTE text logo laser engraved into it.

If you are in the market for a wind blocking device for your 2013 Corvette Convertible please consider the Wind Restrictor®, as it is in a class of it’s own and very well reviewed. You can purchase the Windrestrictor® brand windblocker through most of the major Corvette Accessory stores online. Manufacturers website www.KingPennIndustries.com

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the multiple 427 Graphics available with the Windrestrictor.

Corvette 427

Introducing the all new Windrestrictor for the Corvette 427. That thing is a BEAST!


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