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Stars And Their Cars

At WindRestrictor® we love dropping facts. Most of the blogs I’ve written have been a dream for stat junkie auto fans  who love spouting off random percentages during car meets with their fellow enthusiasts. As you can probably tell, I’m in that number. The data behind car sales tells a splendid story. However, there’s another side of me (as with most people) that loves the flash.

You know what group of people in our society loves glamour and expensive cars? Celebrities. You know who loves celebrities? We do.  So, how about this blog I skip my normal math lesson and we get to some crazy rides and the celebrities who love them? If you see any omissions let me know. We always have room for a part two!

Jay Leno



You can’t write a celeb and car blog post without mentioning Jay Leno. The long time host of The Tonight Show owns a staggering 130 cars and 93 motorcycles. His collection is arguably the most impressive in Hollywood. The first picture is of course the Batmobile. Yes, I know I’m a nerd and I had to post at least one picture of a comic based car. The second car is The 2001 Blastolene Special “Crystal Tank Car”. It has a M47 Patton tank engine, striking aluminum body, and will only cost you a cool $125,000. Pocket change to a man who made millions as the late night king for 20+ years.

Jay’s love for cars and motorcycles has even been parlayed into a second career. His Jay Leno’s Garage is a television and web series devoted to his expansive collection. Not a bad part-time gig to have in retirement.

Tim Allen



The star of Toy Story, Home Improvement, and now Last Man Standing is a bit of an automobile buff you might say. His toys include a 1933 Ford Roadster, 1950 Cadillac Rat Rod, and a 1965 Shelby Cobra S/C.

The former stand up has even had a hand in designing a few models of his own. Which for most of us is a dream come true. At some point he’s had the number one book, number one movie and a number one television show. Now a car designer as well?  I guess being from “Motor City” can lead to a healthy interest in finer autos.

Floyd Mayweather



Floyd Mayweather was until recently the best pound for pound boxer in the world. Recently retired (I don’t believe it will last), he’s made more than enough money (most sources put his net worth between $400 million and $650 million) to have a garage full of absolutely beautiful and rare cars.

His trophies include a Pagani Huayra and an Aston Martin One-77, that’s $6.5 million worth of exotic rides. He said his eventual goal is $30 million dollars worth of cars. Considering his extravagant taste and healthy bank account, this is a believable goal.

Justin Bieber



Justin Bieber is sort of like Indian food, you absolutely adore him or totally abhor him. There’s not much of an in-between. No matter your feeling for the pop singer, he has quite the collection of exotic cars.

Justin’s the proud owner of chromed out Fisker Karma, a leopard spotted Audi R8, and a Flat Black Range Rover for starters. There’s been Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Porsches in his garage as well. No word on whether these are still part of his collection, Justin has a penchant for getting a little out of hand and wrapping them around telephone poles. Stay safe young heartthrob multimillionaire.

Shaquille O’neal



Shaquille O’neal was the big man on campus since his days at LSU. Rarely, do you see a person’s collection of vehicles reflect their personality so well. While many other celebrities go for sophistication or antiques, Shaq ups the ante with jacked up trucks and even redesigned Mack Trucks. An owner of some nice cars (a $220,000 Ferrari for example), it’s the colossal metal monsters that take center stage.

Shaq is the proud owner of an F-650, a custom Jeep Wrangler, a completely tricked out 2001 Chevrolet G1500, and a Cadillac Escalade. That’s a lot of steel and gas for a lot of man! Good to see he’s finally found some vehicles with leg room.

Ralph Lauren



Even those of us who know very little about fashion design (or fashion at all if you’re me) know the name Ralph Lauren.  This famous style guru is almost as passionate about his rides as he his about his threads.

Mr. Lauren has a car garage so big it’s been called a palace. He actually pays a curator to watch over it and take the cars for a scheduled drive to make sure everything’s in running order. His mechanical rarities include the 1955 Jaguar XKD, a Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, and a Ruf CTR 3. Who would have imagined someone into creating fragrances was also into burning rubber?

John Cena



Can you imagine a list where Cena and Lauren are both participants? Well, turns out the uniting force that is finer vehicles has struck again! This world champion WWE megastar is a car collector with a vast array of powerful rides.

John bodyslams the streets with classics like the 1970 Cougar Eliminator, 1971 Plymouth Road Runner, and more modern classics like the 2007 Ford Mustang Saleen Parnelli Jones Limited Edition. From one time driving for a limousine company, to now owning more vehicles than limo places could hope to afford. Not a shabby ride ride to the top Mr. Cena.

Paul Walker


Okay, we admit we are partial to the late, great Paul Walker. He was the first celebrity to take a picture by one of our products and we’re eternally grateful. All of that aside, Paul had one of the most impressive collections of cars Tinseltown has ever seen.

Paul Walker wasn’t just a Fast And The Furious actor, he lived what he preached. The owner of a 2008 BMW M3, 2010 Audi R8, and 2011 Porsche 911 GT3 RS to name a few. Apparently, some “person” decided to relieve Mr Walker of around 30 of his vehicles hours after his death. The most astonishing part about this cowardly act is they didn’t get ALL of his rides. Mr. Walker, you’re certainly missed.

The Wrap

Did I forget to include your favorite celeb’s caravan of exotic rides? Please, email me with any omissions, mistakes, or anything at all really. My address is paul@windrestrictor.com . I’ll get back to you ASAP! I’d also like to give some credit to Celebrity Cars Blog, great further reading if stars and cars are your thing! If you’re interested in any WindRestrictor® products remember that using the code “WRBlog” will save you 10% on your purchases. Thanks so much for reading!

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U.S.A. Auto Sales 2015:The Winners

WindRestrictor® is proud to be an American automotive accessories manufacturer. So, naturally we are both intrigued and invested in the sales numbers for automobiles in The U.S. in 2015. How did the largest American companies (Ford and Chevrolet) do? Did foreign competitors like Mercedes Benz and/or Honda gain ground?  How are our beloved convertibles doing? Did the superbly built foreign Z4 or Mini Cooper sell more than the domestic stalwarts Mustang or the Camaro? We’ll answer all this and more in this article. Please, feel free to fact check everything I say as always!

 Better Than Ever

So, we hear a lot about our failing economy and how the American dollar means little in this day and age. Well, I’m here to report the talks of our money’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. American buyers bought more cars in 2015 than any other time in history. You read that correctly. The record was set in 2015. For a nation teetering on the brink of financial collapse, (like many erroneous sources report) not too shabby huh?


Turns out s17.47 million light-duty vehicles were sold according to Car and Driver . That’s a 6% increase from 2014! I guess we’re nearly out of the chasm. Our slow but steady climb from our national financial woes, seems to be finally paying off for the car industry. A combination of low gas prices, healthy gross domestic product percentages, and low unemployment have contributed to the gain. While the monetary issues aren’t changing at the pace most U.S. citizen would would like, it’s certainly moving along more consistently than in the past.

The individual records by each company were possibly even more inspiring. Considering the variety and amount of models represented, this is quite an encouraging sign after the struggles of just a few years past.

The Brands In Demand

Foreign companies had a phenomenal year in America. With no less than eleven posting gains in ’15! The biggest winner being Honda with over 1,400,000 sold. Nissan also had a 1,000,000 plus year. Six digit sales were shared by BMW, Audi, Jeep, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and Subaru. Land Rover and Porsche had a more modest (but still respectable) five digit sales year. These numbers aren’t surprising by far considering the two companies in first and second  (Honda and Nissan) have ruled the roost in America for a number of years. Overall, the foreign companies outsold our domestics. However, one must remember that the sheer amount of foreign companies makes this an unfair fight.

Our two big American manufacturers turned a tidy profit as well. G.M. sold a bit over 3.1 million, up an impressive 5% from last year. Ford was following behind with 2.6 million and a slightly more impressive 5.3% gain.

The multitude of options were certainly taken advantage of by the American consumer which extends to the many models available as well.


Hot Models

So, I suppose you can guess where we go next? Yes, we shamelessly promote convertibles. Was it the year of the Mustang yet again? Yep. Their close rivalry with Camaro saw Ford come out on top again this year. The Ford Mustang’s Sixth Generation sparked interest and sales gains, once again enough to surpass all other challengers. An impressive feat considering Camaro has narrowly won this race in many years past. The final tally was 134,082 units sold by Mustang vs Camaro’s 97,632. While it wasn’t a drubbing, it was certainly a convincing win.

Coming in third was the legendary Corvette. While not exceeding the leaders, the Corvette sold 33,329 cars. A small decrease from 2014. Remember that the sales were as low as 17,291 in 2013, still nearly double what it was two years ago. However, considering the changing demands of the American consumer a very respectable number. Models come and go, but the Corvette stands the test of time yet again. So, that rounds out the American convertibles. Sort of. Uh…

So, there’s the Jeep Wrangler. Is it American? Kinda. Is it a convertible? I guess technically yes. There’s a general confusion about where to place it besides sports utility vehicle. Wherever you want to place it, it out sold everyone else that comes close to a convertible. With a year end tally of 202,702. Wow! To think a car that started off as a nifty little military vehicle would be still be killing competition this many years later is a little hard to believe isn’t it?


And The Winner Is…

Okay, now it’s time to announce the sales winner of 2015 in The United States of America. This vehicle is a rugged and sturdy champion hailing originally from Dearborn, Michigan it’s the Ford F-Series! That’s right these trucks outsold all competition again as they did in 2014. A symptom of lower gas prices? Possibly. The only thing that’s certain is that these trucks are riding a wave that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, selling a staggering 780,354 trucks. Wow! Their next nearest competitor was the Chevy Silverado at 600,544 units sold. That’s nearly 200k more than number two. Ram pickups, Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla rounded out the top five. This makes the Camry the best selling foreign vehicle in America with total sales of 429,355.

Alas, for every winner we must have a loser. The unfortunate vehicle that bears this ominous title is none other than the Captiva Sport. It took a bit of blow, dropping over 99.8% in sales. But, that’s by volume. They actually aren’t the lowest by number. That title belongs to the Acura ZDX. They sold two. That’s not a typo. Their engineers, in cooperation with a vast marketing team aimed directly at the American consumer, put their collective efforts together to sell two vehicles in the USA. Ouch. That being said Acura (which is a division of Honda) has a lot of other great vehicles that more than make up for this setback.


The Wrap Up

Thanks everyone for reading with us once again. A special thank you to Good Car Bad Car for once again proving that they’re the one stop shop on the web for automotive sales stats. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know. You can email me paul@windrestrictor.com . We also have a code setup just for our blog readers to save 10% on all purchases. It’s code WRBlog. Thanks for reading with us!





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WindRestrictor® Unique Wind Deflector Options & Accessories

Why settle for a wind deflector that doesn’t enhance the style of your convertible?


Over the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of working with many thousands of our customers either in person, over the phone or through the exchange of emails. I would guess that over 75% of these now valued customers asked me to elaborate on the options and accessories we have available for our premium Windrestrictor® Brand convertible wind deflectors.
Our wind control systems, even the basic crystal clear, non-lighted versions are highly functional and provide a huge benefit to convertible owners. Here are some of the main features and benefits of our wind blocking devices.
• Reduce wind buffeting and turbulence that creates driver fatigue at highway speeds
• Enjoy better clarity of sound from your stereo system and carry on conversations better in the cabin while your top is down
• Unparalleled quality and craftsmanship
• State of the art designs by professional engineers
• See clearly out your rear-view mirror through our transparent surfaces unlike other black nets or cloudy plastic models available on the market
These are all wonderful benefits our products offer but what our company is really known for is being the first in the world to develop a truly personalized wind deflection system for fine roadsters and convertibles around the world. Windrestrictor® is a registered trademark of King Penn Industries Inc., located in Dallas Texas.


What makes WindRestrictor® so unique?

In 2015 we had four patents awarded for our unique products. So when I say unique I really mean it. We offer official licensed trademarked graphics as well as personalized designs created by a graphic artist with our wind blockers. These images are engraved into the surface of the products utilizing the finest Photo-Realistic (made-in-America) industrial laser engraving technology available today. We also offer custom designed Ambient LED systems in multiple colors that produce a rare fiber-optic lighting effect to the proprietary treated edge of the glass and the graphics. Each standard lighted wind deflector order will come with everything needed to install the product using the brake light power or running light power wire in the vehicle. There are no accessories at all needed for this basic installation although I suggest reading up on some of our bells and whistles!

Color Changing Optional Accessory

The “Extreme Lighting Kit” or ELK for short allows you to choose between a variety of static colors at any given time. You can select red on the remote control one day and green or blue the next day depending on your mood. There are eight colors in total to choose from along with some fancy fading and blinking features. There is also a built-in intensity control so if you order the ELK there is no need to order the dimmer control or on/off switch. This is a great accessory for those of you that enjoy attracting a lot of attention to your exquisite convertibles or for those that frequent car shows. We recommend installing this accessory on a constant “always on” 12V wire in your vehicle if you’ll be utilizing this accessory while your vehicle is off, for example at an evening car show. The normal suggested installation is to the running light power wire or simply by utilizing the 12 V plug option if you prefer not to hard-wire to the vehicle. We send a diagram and printed instructions along with all of our accessories and we are available for assistance if you run into anything at all. Here’s a demo video of this accessory installed on a Crossfire Roadster!

Demo Video of ELK and wind deflector in action!

Glow Module with Patented Ghosting Technology (Formerly BLM Brake Lamp Module)
The Glow Module is our newest release and it was an upgraded re-design of our classic Brake Lamp Module. Like the BLM it gets power from the brake system and the running lights simultaneously and you are able to adjust the power levels independently. This technology allows the wind deflector to act as a third brake light. Most owners choose to have the product set at a mid-level glow while driving and then have the product kick up to full intensity along with the brake lights when the brake pedal is pressed. The new design incorporates a few additional features including the ghost feature, patented, allowing for a unique breathing effect of the wind deflector after the pedal is released. Unlike the ELK the Glow Module must be hardwired directly to the brake system as well as the running lights. This process is fairly simple and again we provide step-by-step instructions for each accessory. Finally, The accessory comes with a built in 9 V battery pack that is also very useful for car shows. Here’s a video highlighting some of the features of this newly designed accessory.

Glow Module Demo

Dimmer Control Switch

For those that choose the lighted wind deflector but do not pick up the ELK or the glow module you may want to consider the dimmer control switch. You will not need this accessory if you do choose one of the first two because they both have a built-in dimmer. This add-on comes with a remote control that will enable you to adjust the lighting intensity as well as turn the unit on and off. This remote is small, black and comes with a key-chain connector. It is smaller than the average key fob. I usually recommend this accessory as a bare minimum and it happens to be one of my personal favorites. It’s simple, it’s cost efficient and for those of you that don’t particularly care for hard-wiring to your vehicle you can even use this along with the 12V Adapter Plug. The reason I say bare minimum is because If you are driving down a back road or a street without a lot of street lamps present you may want the ability to turn the product off. It’s so convenient to be able to pick up the remote and turn the product off at any given time while you’re driving.
On/Off Push Button Switch
This basic accessory is pretty self-explanatory. The Button switch will be installed on the power wire and then normally hooked to the running light wire or a 12V constant. Once the power is hooked up you will be able to simply press the button to turn the product on and off. You will either need to drill a hole to mount it somewhere in the vehicle or like with the Saturn Sky and Pontiac Solstice there may already be a hole present in one of your panels that you can mount it in.
12V Adapter Plug
Pick up this accessory if you do not want to do any hard wiring in your vehicle. By “hard wiring” we mean making a connection directly to a harness inside your vehicle usually located behind a carpet panel. We provide small red vampire clamps with every lighted order that allow you to tap into the power wire without splicing or cutting. Tapping into a 12 V wire inside your vehicle will not void any warranties or do any type of damage at all to your vehicle. In fact it’s fairly simple and we provide detailed instructions on how to do it along with photos in every order. Some of you will still prefer this accessory because it allows you to get power by simply plugging the adapter into your dash, console or anywhere else there is a 12V socket in your vehicle. This product will give you easy power for the ELK or the dimmer control switch as well. It cannot be used with the Glow Module.
All of the Bells and Whistles
A great number of our customers choose to get all of the bells and whistles that we offer. This obviously will give you the best product experience that we have to offer and we love working on these orders that are truly personalized. However, we do want to let you know that if you do want the best we have to offer then you will only need the ELK and the Glow Module. These two accessories have everything that you will need built in. There is no need for the dimmer, the 12V plug or the on/off switch if you get these first two premium add-ons.
I hope that these details will help you make a decision about which options you would like along with your product. If you have any questions please feel free to email me personally here Stephen@windrestrictor.com or give me a call at the office 972-487-5987 X4. Or, if you would like you can visit us at our new facility in Dallas. 11885 Forestgate Dr. Dallas, TX. 75243

Yes, we are the only convertible wind blocker company in America with a facility you can visit and we encourage you to do so!   = )

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Convertibles Bouncing Back!

At WindRestrictor® we of course love our convertible cars. Any shape, any size and from anywhere! So, naturally we’d be concerned over any slumping sales when it comes to an automobile type we’re directly dependent on for our own business. In this post, I’d like to take time to point out exactly why waning sales while not optimal, are the normal ebb and flow when it comes to all vehicles and convertibles especially. I’ll be using facts and history to point out the exact reasons why a revival is not only likely, but certain. Let me add that everything I say will be verifiable. Far be it from me to use sensationalism like the “news” outlets that have all but put the last nail in the coffin of our beloved drop top.


Been There, Done That

In the past we’ve had a similar doomsday scenario in the 70s when nobody would ever drive a convertible again. The carefree feeling of the 50s and 60s was cashed in for bell bottoms, disco balls, and safety standards. Cadillac actually called their El Dorado, “the last of the American Convertibles”. This was of course the end to the chapter, but not the book.  Like everything else things go in and out of style. I read one writer say the convertible has been replaced as sexiest ride by the SUV. You read that correctly. This type of written aggrandizement is more about headlines than fact. Now many SUVs are fine automobiles and are great for soccer moms and lugging home a lot of groceries. But, when is the last time a man going through a midlife crisis bought an SUV to inject some fire into his veins again? Remember that hip hop song where the rapper went on and on about his SUV? The rock video where the bikini clad woman was sprawled across the hood of an SUV? That’s laughable. Convertibles were, are, and always will be the sensual king of cars.



When people get tired of a style, the style changes. Evolution occurs. Producers harness science and trend to build something new and improved. The convertible style goes in and out but never stays dead. It takes a dip, but swims to the top eventually. It happened when they started mass producing and putting roofs on cars, it happened when they passed unreasonable safety standards, and it happened when car companies took a financial loss after an economic nosedive. The first two didn’t kill the cabriolet, why would the third?

The Stats

Okay, the sales have been declining steadily for years. Various reasons  but mostly due to fiscal hardships by the automotive industry’s biggest producers. However, is the slide something that’s still occurring? Most charts, graphs and available information say the eye of the storm has already passed. Most convertible sales have either leveled off or risen by the beginning of 2015 according to this chart.


The graph above is taken from The Truth About Cars . Now if you check out the graph there’s tons of doom and gloom BEFORE 2015. But, as you can also see that the Audi TT is the only car not evening out or moving back to an incline. Which of course proves the already well known point that not all models make it out of slumps. After the huge economic down turn of the mid 2000’s, Kappas (Saturn Sky, Pontiac Solstice) and Chrysler Crossfires were left out to dry. However, finding a Corvette and Camaro is easy. Why? Because, auto makers either restructure body types to accommodate their sales data , continued engineering on reliable models, or discontinue car makes to reflect figures. It isn’t a convertible issue, it’s a tactic used by everyone who sells everything. Remember New Coke? Did Coca Cola cease to exist or did they say, “bad idea” and reverted back to the soft drink everyone wanted? Exactly.

Do you know what Chevrolet’s longest lasting nameplate is? Corvette. Ford’s? Mustang. Both of which are legendary for their convertible models. They’ll continue to evolve. I’d bet your paycheck on it. Okay, mine too.



 Winds Of Change

I hate saying the word politics, because I can already feel division. However, change can be good. Even if the president is from the same affiliation, a shift can freshen things up. We’re at the start of a presidential election year. This is a guaranteed year for new blood. President Obama cannot seek reelection. Someone else will be at the helm. Now this isn’t to indict our current leader, but different organizations work differently with different elected officials.

But, what if it gets worse? Can it get worse? Anything is possible, but it’s unlikely. As I mentioned earlier slowly but surely it’s evening out or even rising for most models. Even if a small dip occurs in the economy, it often comes zooming back after the first year or so. In this article by Marshall Nickels EdD, this is explained to a degree. In the first year or two, investors can be bullish in moving forward. After this it’s up, up, up. So, even if a dip comes rest easy knowing this will NOT be the case forever.


Now before anybody looks at this chart above us and challenges my assertions, allow me to explain my reasoning. This is of course by Bloomberg. This shows that in an election year (2008), we certainly had a huge drop. But, if you look at the map closely, it wasn’t a huge drop in EVERY election year. 2004 was a small decline. By 2012 it was evening out. It was horrible, but it wasn’t like MOST election years. Wars, automakers nearly folding, mortgage crisis etc. This was the exception, not the rule. There’s certainly some unrest, but at least domestically, not nearly what it was. Since the election years seem mostly at the very least steady, is it a stretch to think a year with less issues will be a success? Hardly.


Political winds shift, economies improve, and people can afford something a little more than their daily driver. Historically, this has been the role of our beloved convertible. Please email me if you notice any important omissions on dates or names. Thinking about ordering? Use, code WRBlog and receive a 10% discount on your order. Thanks for reading!


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Perfectly Paired – LED Mods

Whether you’re looking for subtle ambiance or a literal light show, there is someone out there with the perfect addition to compliment your WindRestrictor® brand wind screen.

I’ve compiled a list of the top LED light mods preferred by car enthusiasts across the world. Check this out!

  • WindRestrictor® Custom Wind Deflectors
  • Illuminated door sills
  • Demon Eye Kits
  • Puddle Lighting
  • Lighted Emblems / Badges
  • Undercarriage Lighting
  • Footwell & Interior Lighting


C6corvetteWindrestrictor_with mark GM

WindRestrictor® brand Wind Screens

At WindRestrictor® by King Penn Industries, we offer completely custom products ranging from basic wind  blocking functionality to deluxe lighting setups.  Customers have 8 single color choice options or even the “Extreme lighting kit” which comes with a remote control.

If you’re a coupe owner wishing you’d gone with the drop top – don’t worry. We have similar products available for your rear window as well with all of the same features.  This is a wildly unique way to customize your car.

If you still need to order yours – use the code “BlogPost” to save 10% on your order today.

Order here: http://www.windrestrictor.com


Now, to assess the best options out there to pair with these awesome products, check these out!



  • Illuminated Door Sills
    • These custom kick plates mount in your door panel just under where your door closes.  The wiring is connected to your dome lighting so that when you open and close the door, the light goes on and off.
    • There are standard text and custom options available.
    • We (King Penn Industries) offer a brushed stainless steel finish on all cars and an upgraded black finish for the Chevrolet Camaro.
    • You can choose from 7 different LED colors
      • (Red, Blue, Amber, White, Green, Orange, or Purple)
    • We currently offer them for the Camaro, Corvette, XLR, Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky, BMW Z4, Chrysler Crossfire, Mercedes SLK 170, Mercedes SLK 171, and Mercedes SLK 172. More to come soon!
    • Don’t forget to use the code “blogpost” at checkout to save 10%



  • Demon Eye Kits
    • This LED kit comes with a small 44 key remote that has 170+ different color combinations and 6 different modes such as Jump, Fade, Flash, Auto, etc. with variable speeds which can be controlled from about 5 feet away. Upgrades are even available if you want to use a remote from further distances.
    • According to this website, this item is universal and should fit the lights of most models. Check out the website to confirm.


Corvette C6 Puddle Lights

  • Puddle Lighting
    • Puddle lights will light up a large area under the doors when opened so you can see what you’re stepping in… and they look awesome!  These LED Puddle lights from Southern Car Parts mount with super strong adhesive backing. They are designed to wire into the factory Corvette foot well lights so they only come on when the doors are opened or the interior lights are on.
    • These are available for nearly every make and model of car out there. Southern Car Parts has them for the C6 and C7 Corvettes in particular.



  • Lighted Badges
    • Looking for something unique but subtle? RPI designs has awesome illuminated badges for several different models.  These come fully assembled and ready for install. There are 6 different colors to choose from and even a color-changing option if you cannot decide. Check out their website to see what they have to offer!



Maybe you’re bored with the “subtle” suggestions and ready for something to turn some heads?

  • American Muscle offers a lighting system that can be used anywhere there is a 36″ inch, clean, flat surface on your car.  This system, like the Demon Eyes, comes with a remote and is offered in either single color or color-changing kits.



  • Footwell Ambient Lighting
    • Phastek offers a range of lighting options including one of my favorites, the footwell lighting.  They offer 6 different colors and the wiring can be done a number of ways. I’d personally add a dimmer switch so that I could control the intensity and turn it on and off every time I lose something in the floor board!

Obvisouly, I could go on and on with these neat lighting features.  If you have any that you think should have made the list please email me! I’d love to hear from you and see your photos!

In the meantime, happy cruising! #windrestrictor

-Ashli Corbin

Use the promotion code “blogpost” to save 10% today on all orders from King Penn Industries Inc. 


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American Convertible History:Then and Now

Scroll down for a peek at some of our hot convertible wind deflectors!

red car convertible top down

What came first?

WindRestrictor®  has made it’s name servicing finer cabriolets/convertibles with the highest quality wind blockers around. But, what do we know about this style automobile we’ve made our living from? What was the first American convertible? When did the hardtop take over, and why? Did the convertible ever make a comeback after falling off? Hopefully, we’ll be able to answer these questions and more in this blog post.  Let’s salute the convertible! The car that made our founder’s dream possible! Visit our website here.

Did you know the first cars were all open? No roof, no windows, and no doors. They were in essence, motorized buggies. Offering a freer ride than its later offspring. But, less safety and ability to drive in all climates and weather. When the vehicle’s power was upped, the body changed to protect the driver and be more complimentary to the new engines. Retractable roofs and tops came into play to protect the driver and passenger from weather and road hazards down the line allowing the advent of mass motorized transportation via roadway. Imagine delivering produce in an open air car during a snowy January in Colorado. See my point?


Now we’ve learned the real question is, what was the first hardtop? In 1898 the Voiturette Type A (the first enclosed automobile) was created and a few years later in 1905 the Cadillac Osceola officially became the first American enclosed vehicle.


In 1906, Cadillac offered enclosed cars as a made-to-order option, after seeing the popularity of its new creation. Convertibles were still the more popular choice however for the next 15 years. In the 1920s enclosed bodies were starting to be mass produced, opening up the door for the average consumer to buy this exciting new vehicle. Of course this wasn’t the death of the convertible, but it slowly lost footing as being the top choice. The “hot” option was enclosed at the time. Much like the drop top is today.

The convertible was far from dead, however. The 1939 Plymouth (first power-operated convertible top) made it easier to raise and lower the top.  Who can forget the Lincoln Continental Cabriolet of 1940s? The 1946 DeSoto defines the era with the rocket shaped body and classic hood ornament. This time was characterized once again by Cadillac as well. The Cadillac Series 62 was a big seller, manufacturing three different models throughout the 40s. Also, the Jeep CJ was brought to the civilian market after found to be a reliable vehicle for American Forces during WWII.



Glory Days

What follows is what many people consider to be the most classic era for convertibles of all time. The 50’s and 60’s brought a string of vehicles that are instantly recognizable to even casual motorists. Most of which are drop tops. The legendary Corvette was born in 1953. An American classic that’s still in style over 60 years later. Also, in 1953 the Buick Roadmaster Skylark became the latest entry in top-of-the-line limited edition convertibles. The Cadillac Eldorado was born in ’53 as well. 1955 brought about the first generation of the famous Ford Thunderbird. The classic Ford Fairlane is another 55er. The 50s birthed so many automotive legends, it would be hard to think of a decade more important for American convertibles. However, if it has any rival, this next decade could very well be it.




The 60s picked up right where the 50s left off. Two more classics were birthed, Camaro and Mustang. In 1964 the Ford Mustang was birthed and in 2014 celebrated its 50th year in production. The longevity of the 50s and 60s vehicles are unparalleled. Camaro coming later in 1967. Built to be direct competition to the popular Mustang. The Pontiac Firebird was manufactured in that same year. It stayed in production for some 35 years. Yet, another convertible rolled out in 1967, the Mercury Cougar. The Cougar is not known as a convertible by many drivers of this day and age. However, their convertibles were classic cool. A sleekly designed answer to the Mustang for Mercury. Speaking of Mercury, The Comet came out in the early 60s. The Dodge Dart as well. The classic Chevrolet Chevelle was yet another. The 1960s weren’t just revolutionary for socio-economic changes, it was a decade where convertible vehicles underwent production on a massive scale.



The Dip

Like many other great things, the 1970s came around and the decline of the convertible was at hand. The fun loving time of the 50’s and 60’s out in the sun gave way to disco dancing at midnight. Of course, a few hold outs remained. The Eldorado was now marketed as the last great convertible. T-tops were popping up as a “smarter” convertible. Safety standards were raised in 1975 and the damage had been done. Everyone had a land barge or iron tank. I mean let’s face it, the 70s birthed The Pinto. Would anything of such style and elegance thrive in the age of Pintos and The Bee Gees? It didn’t look good.


Enter the 1980s. Some signs of life for our fabled cabriolets seemed to emerge. Chrysler reintroduced  the convertible LeBaron in 1983. Also, in 83 Ford released the Ford Escort MKIII. A year later the Riviera introduced a largely forgotten (but nevertheless sharp looking) convertible of its own.It seemed new models were coming back to the forefront, slowly yet steadily. Every rebirth needs a new starting point. It seemed the 80s were this time for the automobiles we all knew and loved. The 90s would indeed be their triumphant return. Wouldn’t they?


Now the 90s could be defined as the decade of growing pains for convertibles. Sure, there’s a few new models out but would they capture the imagination of domestic car owners for years to come? Not so much.

At the beginning of 1990, the Dodge Dakota convertible was born. Was America ready for a truck with no roof? No.


Admittedly though, the concept was original and it showed a move toward innovation. The 1990 Pontiac Sunbird/Geo Metro/Chevrolet Metro/Suzuki Swift (automotive schizophrenia anyone?) Was a fun little 2-door to cruise the streets in. Unfortunately, it barely made it out of the 90s getting pulled in 2000. One could argue though that a 10 year run for a vehicle type is a lot longer than most.Sales for the old standbys were doing great however. The Mustang Fourth Generation, Corvette C5, and Thunderbird were all doing well. As well as many imports. While not ideal, signs of life were certainly showing.




Don’t call it a comeback…

The new millennium was upon us! Bringing with it some exciting vehicles! The Cadillac continued its tradition of great convertibles with the XLR in 2003. The Kappa family of vehicles (Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky, Daewoo G2X, and Opel GT) were exciting roadsters built by GM starting in 2006 with the Pontiac Solstice. Around the same time the Chrysler Crossfire (although technically built by a German corporation) hit the streets in 2005. Chrysler also built the first PT  Cruiser two seat and four seat convertible in 2005.   With these models on the road the future looked bright. Finally, some exciting new innovations! You know what happens next right? The economy happens. To be more precise, recession happens. GM teetered close to belly up pulling its Kappa line and the XLR nearly shutting its doors. Chrysler was also struggling at this time and pulled the PT Cruiser and Crossfire. Choosing to concentrate on everyday cars, their bread and butter. The big two were still in the game with the Corvette C6 and Mustang Fifth Generation. Those two seem to stay winning no matter the era.  Ah the ups and downs




So, here we are a little over half way through the 2010s. Some good news remains, Camaro, Corvette, and Mustang are still around. The Corvette cranked out the beautiful C7, and the Mustang Sixth Generation is here. The Camaro went into Fifth Generation and is about to enter into Sixth Generation. Like most other decades, three stand proud. Will their soon be a fourth? Who knows. With technology being what it is, it seems that innovation beyond the American big three are inevitable. When the newest thing finally touches down. Rest assured, WindRestrictor® will be there with the latest model.



Next, we’ll cover the cabriolet scene from overseas. Please email me if you notice any important omissions on dates or names. Thinking about ordering? Use, code WRBlog and receive a 10% discount on your order. Thanks for reading!


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Ford Mustang’s Sexy Sixth Generation For 2015



 2015-Ford-Mustang-GT-at-2014-NAIAS-front-quarterCelebrating Performance and Sophistication

We are pleased to present to you a brief celebration of the brand new Mustang! Take a moment to honor this sensational automobile with us, and keep your eyes open for our new Sixth Generation Mustang WindRestrictor® in early 2016!
The Sixth Generation of the Ford Mustang was first shown at private Ford events on Dec 5, 2013 in Dearborn, Michigan; Los Angeles, California; New York City, New York; Barcelona, Spain; Shanghai, China; and Sydney, Australia. It began production at the Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Flat Rock Michigan on July 14, 2014.
That’s fifty years after the introduction of the original pony car in 1964.
While there are some other cars like the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro which most recently embraced the glory days of fast, sleek and affordable vehicles that have been revived, the Mustang remains the only one to be continuously produced for over fifty years.
How the Love Affair Ended
By the 1970s, the cars which had once inspired songs and made appearances in popular movies became victim to the consumer need for a drivable status symbol. Buyers wanted luxury and the industry responded with its early crossbreed of speed and sophistication.
Unfortunately, the social experiment ended dismally for most pony car makers because the result was a larger, heavier car with an identity crisis. Still continuing on with production, Ford maintained belief in the brand.
Even after the 1971 SportsRoof model which was larger in all the wrong ways, Ford continued attempts at the revitalization of the pony car.
Perhaps, its greatest effort to date takes place with the production of The Sixth Generation.
Can it break the curse of marrying speed with luxury?
Luckily for driver’s around the world, the designers at Ford have given everything they have to make this happen.


There’s The Rev Factor
The Sixth Generation harkens back to days when cars roared with three powerful engine choices:
• The 5.0L V8 increases the power of the previous V8 and provides that guttural rumble that made the Mustang a legend
• The 3.7L delivers both power and efficiency through twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT) technology
• And then there is the 2.3L EcoBoost® – any driver’s dream engine that produces 310 hp and 320 lb.-ft. of torque
red stangThe Sophisticated Feel
The design –style of The Sixth Generation gives it a vintage exterior look with aerodynamic stylings, but it’s the interior that shouldn’t be missed:
•The cockpit has been designed for a more comfortable driving experience. New features include a lower driver’s seat to allow for more leg room, smaller steering wheel for more control, and a repositioned shifter that allows for control clearances.
•The comfort features are many including feature memory recline for the front seats, in GT Premium and EcoBoost® Premium models the front seats are heated and cooled, and a flat-load floor in the back for easier access.
•The convertible has a new top that features a center latch to open and close from the driver’s seat with ease.
01-2015-mustang-deep-impact-bluePot hole? What Pot hole?
The Sixth Generation has some exciting technology to improve driving performance from a new rear suspension that can make every road seem brand new to an upgraded brake system.
•The new integral link independent rear suspension provides for more precise handling, reduction of unsprung mass, and the ability to isolate road imperfections for an overall better ride.
•The selectable-effort electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) system allows drivers the choice of how much control they want over the car. There is the Comfort setting which requires the least amount of steering effort from the driver, the Sports Setting for those who want to feel the road, and the Standard setting which provides a balance between the previous two.
•There is also a new double-ball-joint front suspension that allows for larger brakes. This is best showcased in the GT Performance Package (Front: 6-piston Brembo® with 15 inch vented rotors and Rear: Single-piston with 13 inch rotors)* (www.ford.com)
Some of the Extras
The Sixth Generation is customizable in so many ways that the standard vehicle can skyrocket in price from the low $30,000 up quickly to the low $50,000. Some of the most notable options are:

•Available internationally in early 2016 is the Ford licensed WindRestrictor® which can tailor-make any vehicle to the unique style of the buyer.
•Track Apps™ provides Electronic Line-Lock (keeps front brakes locked while in gear to warm the rear tires), launch control, and displays performance metrics a 4.2-inch message center screen.
•BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System) indicates vehicles in the driver’s blind spot with an indicator light in the mirror.
•SYNC® with MyFord Touch® lets you literally say the word to make a call, access your music collection, or adjust the temperature without lifting a finger.
What The Experts Are Saying
•Car and Driver gave the new Mustang a 4.5 out of 5.0 stars, stating that “In either coupe or convertible form, the Mustang appeals without compromising its heritage.” Car and Driver
•From the Car Connection, the Mustang received an 8.4 out of 10.0 stars, stating that “The turbo four delivers strong performance but an underwhelming soundtrack; the GT with the Performance Pack hustles with its new independent rear.” Car Connection
•According to Good Car Bad Car, the new Mustang “copes with all that a road throws its way while also being tuned to accept inconsistent and even ham-fisted inputs from the driver. This basic Mustang isn’t a track bruiser, but driven in a semi-aggressive style on a great road, it’s engaging and capable enough to encourage further advancement toward its limits.” Good Car Bad Car
The reviews for the Sixth Generation are high but cautious. Wanting but optimistic. Are there new glory days ahead for a stylish speedster that can break sales records and become a part of American legends?
The Sixth Generation of the Ford Mustang certainly believes it can.

Please email me if you notice any important omissions on dates or names. Thinking about ordering a WindRestrictor® to personalize your Mustang? Use, code WRBlog and receive a 10% discount on your order. Thanks for reading!



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