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About Windrestrictor®


King Penn Industries was founded by Robert King Pennington who’s vision was to offer the best wind blocking devices (Windrestrictor® Brand) on the market that not only offered the deflection of wind turbulence but at the same time offered patented technologies that incorporate illumination and high-end laser engraved images to promote your roadster, your business or car club. As a young entrepreneur Robert built his business from the ground up by providing rare and innovative products that were competitively priced. The way he treated people though is really what set him and his company apart from the rest.

Since Robert’s passing, focusing on the values and dreams that he had his company has grown exponentially in the last few years. KPI now offers many additional products including the illuminated door sills, edge lit art, and edge lit displays for select coupes. Please take the time to check out our “about our founder” section for more about Robert.

You can now find King Penn Industries products all over the world! We have currently sold to over 45 countries and are growing more and more every day. KPI now has multiple utility and design patents filed and utilizes patented technology in their product line up and accessories. Considerable value has been built in their registered trademark Wind Restrictor®. Yes, KPI does have patents published and will strictly enforce them.

The Wind Restrictor® which is the most well known product from King Penn Industries is an official licensed product of General Motors as well as Ford Motor Company. The custom illuminated door sills are also licensed by GM. KPI always welcomes established dealers. If you would like to become a dealer of these products please see the “become a dealer” section of our website. Fill out the required form and submit to KPI for review.


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