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Stars And Their Cars

At WindRestrictor® we love dropping facts. Most of the blogs I’ve written have been a dream for stat junkie auto fans  who love spouting off random percentages during car meets with their fellow enthusiasts. As you can probably tell, I’m in that number. The data behind car sales tells a splendid story. However, there’s another side of me (as with most people) that loves the flash.

You know what group of people in our society loves glamour and expensive cars? Celebrities. You know who loves celebrities? We do.  So, how about this blog I skip my normal math lesson and we get to some crazy rides and the celebrities who love them? If you see any omissions let me know. We always have room for a part two!

Jay Leno



You can’t write a celeb and car blog post without mentioning Jay Leno. The long time host of The Tonight Show owns a staggering 130 cars and 93 motorcycles. His collection is arguably the most impressive in Hollywood. The first picture is of course the Batmobile. Yes, I know I’m a nerd and I had to post at least one picture of a comic based car. The second car is The 2001 Blastolene Special “Crystal Tank Car”. It has a M47 Patton tank engine, striking aluminum body, and will only cost you a cool $125,000. Pocket change to a man who made millions as the late night king for 20+ years.

Jay’s love for cars and motorcycles has even been parlayed into a second career. His Jay Leno’s Garage is a television and web series devoted to his expansive collection. Not a bad part-time gig to have in retirement.

Tim Allen



The star of Toy Story, Home Improvement, and now Last Man Standing is a bit of an automobile buff you might say. His toys include a 1933 Ford Roadster, 1950 Cadillac Rat Rod, and a 1965 Shelby Cobra S/C.

The former stand up has even had a hand in designing a few models of his own. Which for most of us is a dream come true. At some point he’s had the number one book, number one movie and a number one television show. Now a car designer as well?  I guess being from “Motor City” can lead to a healthy interest in finer autos.

Floyd Mayweather



Floyd Mayweather was until recently the best pound for pound boxer in the world. Recently retired (I don’t believe it will last), he’s made more than enough money (most sources put his net worth between $400 million and $650 million) to have a garage full of absolutely beautiful and rare cars.

His trophies include a Pagani Huayra and an Aston Martin One-77, that’s $6.5 million worth of exotic rides. He said his eventual goal is $30 million dollars worth of cars. Considering his extravagant taste and healthy bank account, this is a believable goal.

Justin Bieber



Justin Bieber is sort of like Indian food, you absolutely adore him or totally abhor him. There’s not much of an in-between. No matter your feeling for the pop singer, he has quite the collection of exotic cars.

Justin’s the proud owner of chromed out Fisker Karma, a leopard spotted Audi R8, and a Flat Black Range Rover for starters. There’s been Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Porsches in his garage as well. No word on whether these are still part of his collection, Justin has a penchant for getting a little out of hand and wrapping them around telephone poles. Stay safe young heartthrob multimillionaire.

Shaquille O’neal



Shaquille O’neal was the big man on campus since his days at LSU. Rarely, do you see a person’s collection of vehicles reflect their personality so well. While many other celebrities go for sophistication or antiques, Shaq ups the ante with jacked up trucks and even redesigned Mack Trucks. An owner of some nice cars (a $220,000 Ferrari for example), it’s the colossal metal monsters that take center stage.

Shaq is the proud owner of an F-650, a custom Jeep Wrangler, a completely tricked out 2001 Chevrolet G1500, and a Cadillac Escalade. That’s a lot of steel and gas for a lot of man! Good to see he’s finally found some vehicles with leg room.

Ralph Lauren



Even those of us who know very little about fashion design (or fashion at all if you’re me) know the name Ralph Lauren.  This famous style guru is almost as passionate about his rides as he his about his threads.

Mr. Lauren has a car garage so big it’s been called a palace. He actually pays a curator to watch over it and take the cars for a scheduled drive to make sure everything’s in running order. His mechanical rarities include the 1955 Jaguar XKD, a Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, and a Ruf CTR 3. Who would have imagined someone into creating fragrances was also into burning rubber?

John Cena



Can you imagine a list where Cena and Lauren are both participants? Well, turns out the uniting force that is finer vehicles has struck again! This world champion WWE megastar is a car collector with a vast array of powerful rides.

John bodyslams the streets with classics like the 1970 Cougar Eliminator, 1971 Plymouth Road Runner, and more modern classics like the 2007 Ford Mustang Saleen Parnelli Jones Limited Edition. From one time driving for a limousine company, to now owning more vehicles than limo places could hope to afford. Not a shabby ride ride to the top Mr. Cena.

Paul Walker


Okay, we admit we are partial to the late, great Paul Walker. He was the first celebrity to take a picture by one of our products and we’re eternally grateful. All of that aside, Paul had one of the most impressive collections of cars Tinseltown has ever seen.

Paul Walker wasn’t just a Fast And The Furious actor, he lived what he preached. The owner of a 2008 BMW M3, 2010 Audi R8, and 2011 Porsche 911 GT3 RS to name a few. Apparently, some “person” decided to relieve Mr Walker of around 30 of his vehicles hours after his death. The most astonishing part about this cowardly act is they didn’t get ALL of his rides. Mr. Walker, you’re certainly missed.

The Wrap

Did I forget to include your favorite celeb’s caravan of exotic rides? Please, email me with any omissions, mistakes, or anything at all really. My address is paul@windrestrictor.com . I’ll get back to you ASAP! I’d also like to give some credit to Celebrity Cars Blog, great further reading if stars and cars are your thing! If you’re interested in any WindRestrictor® products remember that using the code “WRBlog” will save you 10% on your purchases. Thanks so much for reading!


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