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WindRestrictor® at 2016 North American Sky & Solstice Meet

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Photo Jun 24, 6 23 15 PM

2016 North American Sky & Solstice Meet

WHAT…… AN……. EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Penn Industries has spent many, many hours with our Sky & Solstice family over the years.  From back in the day when Robert was testing prototypes to numerous national events and local meets, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know so many of members of the Kappa community.

It is an understatement to say that it truly felt like we were getting to go back home when we pulled up to this event

When we drove into the parking lot, we circled the rear ends of about 25-30 cars that had already arrived and immediately recognized their custom designs.  The first feelings of driving by each car and seeing our products peeking through their rear windows was one that I will never forget! Each custom WindRestrictor® tells such a neat story and it was so surreal to remember some of them and get to talk to the owners of those that we had never heard the story on!

This custom Version 1 from 2006 was one of the most memorable of the entire weekend. (Thank you to Leonard & Diane for submitting the photo below with their top down!)  We sat down for appetizers the first evening of the show and as fate would have it were joined by Bob and Ann, two of Robert’s original customers.  They told of the story of how Robert had helped them come up with the idea of putting their names on either side and they fell in love with it.  They chose red illumination and it’s been glowing every time they go topless for the last 10 years!


Bob & Ann

The next night, we got to see The Punisher Solstice in all its glory! If you haven’t gotten to see this thing in person, you’re totally missing out!  Rob has put so many personal touches on this car, it is truly a work of art!

Photo Jun 19, 9 33 14 PM

Photo Jun 19, 9 33 52 PM Photo Jun 19, 9 43 50 PM

We brought several new owners into the WindRestrictor® family over the week, one being Ms. Marie! She was so excited she couldn’t hardly wait, so I installed glass appeal wind deflector for her in the parking lot while we were unpacking! She absolutely loved it and showed it off all week!

Photo Jun 19, 6 26 30 PM Photo Jun 19, 6 27 03 PM Photo Jun 23, 8 32 26 PM

The car show itself was unbelievable! I wish we could go back and shoot a video, I’m not sure what I was thinking!

The number of WindRestrictor® brand products in the parking lot was truly humbling and spoke volumes. Here are a few 😉

Photo Jun 21, 8 22 23 PM Photo Jun 21, 8 23 53 PM Photo Jun 23, 6 43 24 PM Photo Jun 23, 6 46 20 PM Photo Jun 23, 6 46 42 PM Photo Jun 23, 6 48 08 PM Photo Jun 23, 6 48 18 PM Photo Jun 23, 6 54 08 PM Photo Jun 23, 8 26 46 PM Photo Jun 23, 8 33 17 PM Photo Jun 23, 8 34 49 PM Photo Jun 23, 8 35 13 PM Photo Jun 23, 8 35 20 PM Photo Jun 23, 9 01 32 PM

This custom Superman design illuminated in red won “Best WindRestrictor in Show” chosen by a team of local fireman!

Photo Jun 23, 9 06 28 PM

Another favorite of mine of the event was getting to go for a ride in the DDM Works Supercharged Slingshot!

If you haven’t checked these things out yet, I encourage you to do so! They are a guaranteed good time!!

Photo Jun 23, 10 58 58 AM Photo Jun 23, 12 27 34 PM

We released our SlingShot design this past weekend, and DDM will be sporting their new one soon! We can’t wait for you all to see it in person at the next national event!


This event was one of the most fun we’ve had in a long time, and we can’t say thank you enough to all who worked so hard to make it possible!

Chris & Karen Brinkley

Chris Jackson

Mark Fracker

Karen Wood

Roy Hellinga

Jerry Swan

Jackie Martin

These folks worked their tails off over the last year (or more!) to make this show one of the most memorable yet! There were runs of all levels scheduled each day, a local minor league baseball game where Karen Brinkley won the silent auction to throw out the first pitch, a huge silent auction with awesome donations from lots of generous vendors, a raffle ticket drawing with all sorts of baskets donated by kappa clubs and business from across the nation, an ice cream social, several meet and greet dinners…. the list goes on and on. The thought and time put into this event was very evident throughout the week and thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended!

NASSAM 2016 hosted 127 Sky & Solstices, 230 people and set an all time record for the most money raised for charity – Over $20,000!

 If you missed this year, be sure to mark  your calendars now for Lexington, Kentucky! This is sure to be an AMAZING time and I can guarantee you won’t want to miss it! You can check out the site here and read all about the drives and events that are already in the works!

2017 NASSAM in the beautiful Lexington, KY


Until next time, love and hugs from all of us at WindRestrictor®!
We appreciate you continued business and support over the years and look forward to many more memories down the road!

Safe travels!

-Ashli Corbin

**If you have any good photos that we missed please send them my way! I’d love to add them here and share them with everyone!** 

Photo Jun 21, 6 58 10 PM    Photo Jun 24, 10 20 39 PMPhoto Jun 21, 6 19 10 PMPhoto Jun 21, 6 42 46 PMPhoto Jun 24, 10 27 48 PM

Photo Jun 20, 5 04 11 PM Photo Jun 24, 9 49 29 PM Photo Jun 24, 9 23 40 PM Photo Jun 24, 6 36 24 PM


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