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WindRestrictor® For Jaguar F-Types

At WindRestrictor® we pride ourselves on being the world leader in quality wind blockers/deflector manufacturing and design. We choose the vehicles we decide to create for based on the same standards we set for all of our own products. Naturally, we have great expectations from any manufacturer and model we’re fitted too. We’ve been honored to have several renowned cars to work with, and our latest addition is more of the same. Introducing the WindRestrictor® for Jaguar F-Types!

Jaguar has been long praised as being a leader in luxury vehicles worldwide. Their attention to detail and quality engineering is respected by even the most bullish critics. What do we really know about this fine vehicle manufacturer and specifically the F-Type series? In this article we will attempt to tell the F-Type story and shed some light on what makes it such a sought after sports car.

A Jaguar Is Born


Jaguar started in 1922 as the The Swallow Sidecar company. Before a motorcycle could comfortably seat two, the sidecar was used to take someone along for the ride. Later, the company partnered with Standard Motor Company and started churning out conventional automobiles. Many of these models were named, “Jaguar” which eventually became the moniker of the company itself. Although, Swallow Cars would’ve been a great name as well.

After several different owners, Jaguar is now a subsidiary of Tata Motors and is now Jaguar Land Rover officially. Throughout the years (and owners) their dedication to making terrific sports cars never waned. The XKSS (which was produced in 1957) was owned by Steve McQueen and noted for its stylishness and performance. Back in ’88 the XJR-9 was winning auto races left and right, and was the first Jaguar to do so. The XJ 220 was one of the it cars of the ’90s. Even now, Jaguar remains in the conversation when you’re talking about affluence and the car you’ll buy when you make it.

The F-Type Generation


The first F-Type rolled off the assembly line a mere three years ago and returned Jaguar to its former glory as a solid contender in the battle for best sports car manufacturer. A title it held for several years prior. They even tapped sexy American singer Lana Del Rey to be the face of their hot new ride. Convertibles and beautiful women are always a solid marketing strategy. See most music videos for further details. But, the advertising didn’t stop there.

A short film at the famous Sundance Film Festival called “Desire” premiered. A move that made some film critics turn their noses up, but made auto buffs drool. Then the Jaguar wisely took advantage of social media with the #YourTurnBritain campaign. During the campaign people were urged to share pics of how great Great Britain really is on their Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and/or Instagram. The winners were lucky enough to win an unforgettable long weekend of indulgence. Since, I couldn’t find any information on what exactly was won, what a weekend it must have been.

Jaguar of course knew how to get to audiences in America, Superbowl commercial of course! In the advertisement, British actors who’ve played notorious villains in American movies were used to give their new model an edge with their market across the pond. Of course another hashtag was created around the event, #GoodToBeBad.

Yet, another destination was hit with a promotional media blitz, China. The Chinese launch was headed by that Asian megastar, David Beckham. He’s found handsome by so many women, that he was picked to be the face of a campaign in the largest nation in the world. A place where he doesn’t speak the language, wasn’t born, or has no ancestry from. For the rest of us, life just isn’t fair.

Just A Pretty Face?


So, with all the glitz and glare was the F-Type doomed to be all show and no go? Were those clever Brits just luring us in with cool celebs and hashtags? Is it another case of savvy marketing but sub-par vehicle manufacturing? Luckily, this wasn’t and still isn’t the case.

The newest F-Type convertibles certainly have get-up. You can floor it and expect to hit a top speed of 195 mph (an even 200 in the coupe). That’s a quite a feat for a car company known more for luxury than horsepower. Speaking of horsepower, expect your model to pack an impressive 542 hp and a V8 on the newest model. Certainly, nothing to sneeze at. The first models rolled out with 335 hp and a V6 engine. With improvements like that in just the first few years, the sky’s the limit on where Jaguar is willing to take this car’s performance.

Jaguar doesn’t stop at passing lesser vehicles on the way to the supermarket, their adjustable suspension is in place to ensure a smooth ride. Try out one of the 25 different driving modes programmed for different terrains, conditions and driving styles. A truly customizable riding experience for the driver and passengers.

Of course the interior is plush, like you’d expect from any Jaguar. F-Types come with leather seating and aluminum finished control buttons. Throw in a center panel touch screen and a cool looking three spoke steering wheel, this might be the first car that looks fast from the inside.

A New Romance


The Jaguar F-Type convertible is in a class of its own. We at WindRestrictor® are proud to announce we now make a version for this soon-to-be classic. Being the premier wind blocker/deflector on the market, it’s only natural we create for a company that’s globally recognized as a leader in the automotive industry.

Our model for F-Types snap right into place. We kept the installation simple, yet as secure as you’ll find in all of our other models. Not to mention as head turning. Pick one of our eight great colors with custom or standard laser etched graphics, or go clear as you block up to 50% of the wind that invades your cabin.

Want to save 10% on your Jaguar F-Type WindRestrictor®? It’s easy if you use the code, “WRBlog”when you order with us @ www.windrestrictor.com. Have any suggestions concerning this article? Drop me an email, paul@windrestrictor.com. Thanks for reading!


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