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Seven For Seventeen

WindRestrictor® is not just a car accessories company, we’re fans of the latest innovations in the automotive industry. Wondering what 2017 looks like? Wait no longer! From smart, gas saving SUVs, all the way to a dead ringer for The Batmobile (can I do one blog without mentioning The Batmobile?), ’17 promises to have it all. So, let’s dive in and check out what these mad scientists in the car business have to offer.

2017 Chevrolet Corvette Zora ZR1


Wow. Wish, I could have started with some very deep and insightful phrase that would’ve captured this moment, and not make me sound like a stuttering school girl who just saw the newest Brit boy band get off the plane. But, this automobile is so aesthetically pleasing only wow came to mind.

But, it isn’t JUST the looks. They’re moving the engine to the rear for greater get-up and stopping power. Just when you thought American cars couldn’t get faster, the new Vettes just did. Engine? How about a 6.2L Twin-Turbo V8? Can you say VROOOOOOM? If this car gets any faster, we may have to start building WindRestrictors® out of Titanium.

How much will these monsters of metal cost? Only 150k starting. For the low price of a small house in a reasonable neighborhood, you could be blowing past everyone on the highway and looking immaculate doing it.

2017 Bugatti Chiron


Okay, to me this car looks like something a superhero (I DIDN’T say it) might drive. It also costs what only a superhero could afford. It’ll set you back a cool $2.5 million. That’s quite a pretty penny! What can you expect from a car only the richest of the rich can afford?

How about a top speed of 261 mph? Need to get somewhere fast? That shouldn’t be a problem. Getting out of a speeding ticket might be however. This car looks like it’s going sixty when it’s sitting still.

With a seven speed automatic engine to control the action, this bad boy can will have all the power you need. With that price, it better!

2017 Aston Martin DB11


I look at this car and instantly think, sleek. The body design is from the Mercedes AMG division. They seem to certainly know what they’re doing on the body shape. But, what of the parts that make it go?

With a top speed of 200mph, you won’t get to the insane levels of some of the others but it’s more than ample to turn heads at a break neck pace. The rumored price is $211,955, it’s still way beyond average but pales in comparison to some of the other vehicles that are about the same price as an island nation.

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sedan


Okay, I’ve been posting mostly jets with wheels. While great to look at, they’re way beyond most of our budgets. Can you have European elegance at a somewhat reasonable price? This model won’t cost you an arm and a leg . For about $40,000 you get a classic name in cars that is known worldwide.

The Giulia Sedan is part of Alfa Romeo’s plan to get into the ring with the staunch German competition that companies like Mercedes-Benz and BMW, while breathing new life into a company that isn’t what it once was on the international stage.

While not an AMC Gremlin, this car isn’t as flashy as what most people would think when you hear, “Alfa Romeo”. The Giulia is a move towards sensible luxury in an era where less is more and quality beats flashy.

2017 Ford GT


This isn’t your mom’s Ford! So, in 2005 and 2006 the first generation of the Ford GT was made available to the public. Fast forward eleven years and we now have the second generation. If you think of Ford and the first thing you think of is trucks and Mustangs, this vehicle may change your mind.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice the price tag. Ready to snatch one up? Sounds great! That’ll be $400,000. The Ford GT will effective become their most expensive car ever that’s freshly made. So, what do you get for your money? Quite a bit, actually.

How’s a twin-turbocharged V6 pushing out with 600+ horsepower grab you? It can go 0-60 in a little over 3 seconds and reach speeds of 205 mph. Sort of odd to think that a Ford could give a Lamborghini a run for its money without heavy modification, but this is indeed the case with this model.

2017 Range Rover Evoque


Range Rover has a convertible. That’s not a typo.  Welcome to the 2017 version of the Range Rover Evoque. A cabriolet SUV. It’s a sporty looking little vehicle that looks like a lot of fun on a sunny day.

For around $42,000, you get a sporty and unique little ride. Some say the suspension is a bit tight, but a plush interior somewhat makes up for it. The 0-60 time of 7.6 won’t take a Ford GT off the line, but is more than respectable for an SUV nonetheless.

Expect to see well-to-do soccer moms styling a little more than usual. With a reasonable price and a stylish uniqueness, expect this model to be another solid competitor for Range Rover.

2017 Lexus SC


Lexus continues its SC models with this beautiful 2017 version. In both a convertible and coupe version, it’s definitely going to garner fans among people who like a little flash and punch. Does Lexus have what it takes to compete versus all the German models?

With a 5.8 liter V8 engine and a ten speed transmission, will blow away a lot of the competition. Couple that with 475 Hp and you’re ripping up the competition for sure. The light weight body gives you great handling and low fuel costs. So you get a beautiful car AND save on gas. Hard to ask for more.

One thing you might want to ask for is a cheaper price. These vehicles are going to go for about 100k. So, while not being at the pump as much, you might be at your job for long hours to pay for this beauty.

The Wrap

Thanks so much for reading another blog post by yours truly! Remember if you see any omissions or errors please email me paul@windrestrictor.com . Save 10% with the code “WRBlog”. Interested in our product? Check us out @ www.windrestrictor.com . Thanks for reading!


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