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U.S.A. Auto Sales 2015:The Winners

WindRestrictor® is proud to be an American automotive accessories manufacturer. So, naturally we are both intrigued and invested in the sales numbers for automobiles in The U.S. in 2015. How did the largest American companies (Ford and Chevrolet) do? Did foreign competitors like Mercedes Benz and/or Honda gain ground?  How are our beloved convertibles doing? Did the superbly built foreign Z4 or Mini Cooper sell more than the domestic stalwarts Mustang or the Camaro? We’ll answer all this and more in this article. Please, feel free to fact check everything I say as always!

 Better Than Ever

So, we hear a lot about our failing economy and how the American dollar means little in this day and age. Well, I’m here to report the talks of our money’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. American buyers bought more cars in 2015 than any other time in history. You read that correctly. The record was set in 2015. For a nation teetering on the brink of financial collapse, (like many erroneous sources report) not too shabby huh?


Turns out s17.47 million light-duty vehicles were sold according to Car and Driver . That’s a 6% increase from 2014! I guess we’re nearly out of the chasm. Our slow but steady climb from our national financial woes, seems to be finally paying off for the car industry. A combination of low gas prices, healthy gross domestic product percentages, and low unemployment have contributed to the gain. While the monetary issues aren’t changing at the pace most U.S. citizen would would like, it’s certainly moving along more consistently than in the past.

The individual records by each company were possibly even more inspiring. Considering the variety and amount of models represented, this is quite an encouraging sign after the struggles of just a few years past.

The Brands In Demand

Foreign companies had a phenomenal year in America. With no less than eleven posting gains in ’15! The biggest winner being Honda with over 1,400,000 sold. Nissan also had a 1,000,000 plus year. Six digit sales were shared by BMW, Audi, Jeep, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and Subaru. Land Rover and Porsche had a more modest (but still respectable) five digit sales year. These numbers aren’t surprising by far considering the two companies in first and second  (Honda and Nissan) have ruled the roost in America for a number of years. Overall, the foreign companies outsold our domestics. However, one must remember that the sheer amount of foreign companies makes this an unfair fight.

Our two big American manufacturers turned a tidy profit as well. G.M. sold a bit over 3.1 million, up an impressive 5% from last year. Ford was following behind with 2.6 million and a slightly more impressive 5.3% gain.

The multitude of options were certainly taken advantage of by the American consumer which extends to the many models available as well.


Hot Models

So, I suppose you can guess where we go next? Yes, we shamelessly promote convertibles. Was it the year of the Mustang yet again? Yep. Their close rivalry with Camaro saw Ford come out on top again this year. The Ford Mustang’s Sixth Generation sparked interest and sales gains, once again enough to surpass all other challengers. An impressive feat considering Camaro has narrowly won this race in many years past. The final tally was 134,082 units sold by Mustang vs Camaro’s 97,632. While it wasn’t a drubbing, it was certainly a convincing win.

Coming in third was the legendary Corvette. While not exceeding the leaders, the Corvette sold 33,329 cars. A small decrease from 2014. Remember that the sales were as low as 17,291 in 2013, still nearly double what it was two years ago. However, considering the changing demands of the American consumer a very respectable number. Models come and go, but the Corvette stands the test of time yet again. So, that rounds out the American convertibles. Sort of. Uh…

So, there’s the Jeep Wrangler. Is it American? Kinda. Is it a convertible? I guess technically yes. There’s a general confusion about where to place it besides sports utility vehicle. Wherever you want to place it, it out sold everyone else that comes close to a convertible. With a year end tally of 202,702. Wow! To think a car that started off as a nifty little military vehicle would be still be killing competition this many years later is a little hard to believe isn’t it?


And The Winner Is…

Okay, now it’s time to announce the sales winner of 2015 in The United States of America. This vehicle is a rugged and sturdy champion hailing originally from Dearborn, Michigan it’s the Ford F-Series! That’s right these trucks outsold all competition again as they did in 2014. A symptom of lower gas prices? Possibly. The only thing that’s certain is that these trucks are riding a wave that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, selling a staggering 780,354 trucks. Wow! Their next nearest competitor was the Chevy Silverado at 600,544 units sold. That’s nearly 200k more than number two. Ram pickups, Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla rounded out the top five. This makes the Camry the best selling foreign vehicle in America with total sales of 429,355.

Alas, for every winner we must have a loser. The unfortunate vehicle that bears this ominous title is none other than the Captiva Sport. It took a bit of blow, dropping over 99.8% in sales. But, that’s by volume. They actually aren’t the lowest by number. That title belongs to the Acura ZDX. They sold two. That’s not a typo. Their engineers, in cooperation with a vast marketing team aimed directly at the American consumer, put their collective efforts together to sell two vehicles in the USA. Ouch. That being said Acura (which is a division of Honda) has a lot of other great vehicles that more than make up for this setback.


The Wrap Up

Thanks everyone for reading with us once again. A special thank you to Good Car Bad Car for once again proving that they’re the one stop shop on the web for automotive sales stats. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know. You can email me paul@windrestrictor.com . We also have a code setup just for our blog readers to save 10% on all purchases. It’s code WRBlog. Thanks for reading with us!






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